Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope (ARCH)

Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope (ARCH)

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ARCH (Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope) is a nonprofit, community based reentry project. They meet returning citizens and assist them in reintegrating into the community. ARCH helps in linking returning citizens to local community resources and employment/job training. The organization has partnered with Cafe Overlook and Job and Family Services to provide comprehensive workforce development/coaching and case management to individuals by offering employment at Cafe Overlook. The cafe aims to build a strong track from entry-level training to a stable career in the hospitality, restaurant, or service industry. The project supports an evolving work environment in the hospitality industry by providing food service workers with everything they need to thrive, from a living wage and health insurance to transportation support and job coaching. ARCH is committed to providing employees with the tools and resources to establish sustainability and build good employee and employer relationships. For more information about specific services, contact the organization directly.
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