Franklin County Reentry Advisory Board

Franklin County Reentry Advisory Board

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The Franklin County Reentry Advisory is a coalition to address issues affecting reentering residents and their families. The advisory board is charged with creating safer neighborhoods and more productive residents by increasing the success rates of individuals transitioning from correctional and rehabilitative institutions back into the community. Their website offers resources for reentering citizens. Resources include Housing/shelter assistance, food, clothing, identification, transportation, job training, healthcare, mental health and addiction, legal help, public assistance benefits, free learning resources, BMV reinstatement, eliminating employment barriers, access to higher education and veterans’ support. Additionally, the Franklin County First Step program provides seamless reentry from incarceration to the community. Support is offered through community providers such as BMV, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Social Security Administration and more. All the providers are committed to resolving issues, filling in the gaps, conducting intakes, and making appointments to see their agency’s designated representative for the participants’ next step.
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