Yokefellowship Prison Ministry

Yokefellowship Prison Ministry

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Yokefellowship Prison Ministry is a faith-based organization dedicated to sharing God’s word with justice involved individuals. Volunteers work with incarcerated youth, women and men to help redirect them them away from a life of crime. Those at Yokefellowship Prison Ministry believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and they have faith that people with criminal convictions can turn around their lives with mentorship and spiritual guidance. To help facilitate this personal growth, volunteers provide ministry both inside and outside prisons. They understand that supporting individuals inside the corrections system can instill hope and give them purpose during one of the darkest moments of their lives. This hope puts individuals on a path toward rehabilitation and redemption. Volunteers ensure that formerly incarcerated youth, women and men never feel alone once they return to the community, continuing to guide them on a path of spiritual healing. For more information about Yokefellowship Prison Ministry, contact them directly.
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