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Do you need help with legal questions, adjusting to life after incarceration and finding work after going through the justice system?

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What Does Acquit Mean?

If a judge or jury decides to acquit you of a crime, it means that they find you not guilty. This does not mean, however, that you are innocent.

ICYMI: The U.S. is Bringing Back Firing Squads

Firing squads are back in the U.S. So, it’s important for Americans to understand how they actually work.

Explainer: Tips for Writing a Prisoner

Writing a prisoner can help them enjoy open of the best parts of being in prison: mail call. But make sure you follow the rules.

Q & A: Can I Be Kept Up To Date With Someone’s Case?

While a court usually won’t make sure you’re kept up to date on your loved one’s case, there are ways to follow it. But be careful.

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