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sheds light on the weakness of the American justice system while providing information to justice impacted people.

What is the PREP Act?

The PREP Act aims to give every prisoner education opportunities no matter what facility they’re in, and it benefits everyone involved.

What Workplace Protections Exist for Incarcerated Workers?

There are a variety of workplace protections in place for workers in the United States, but none of them have helped incarcerated people.

News: Oklahoma Case Shows Problems With Civil Asset Forfeiture

An NBC News report on an Oklahoma case shows the ugly side of civil asset forfeiture: Police can take your property without criminal charges.

What is Qualified Immunity?

Qualified immunity is something that judges created to make it harder to sue police officers, prison guards and other government officials.

Your Rights

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Find information about reentry programs, legal services, job replacement organizations and more, or look up information about prisons, jails and other correctional facilities to help you locate and contact an incarcerated loved one or learn more about a specific facility.

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