How To Justice

I Am Going To Prison

Being sent to prison can be scary. You worry about your safety. You worry about your future. And, as you feel like the government is taking so much away from you, you can’t help but ask what rights you have left. That’s where How to Justice comes in.

I Have A Loved One In Prison

When you find out your loved one is going to prison, your heart drops. Will they be safe? Can you stay in touch? Will you get to see them? How can you help them? How to Justice knows what you’re feeling and seeks to answer to all your questions.

I am Getting Released From Prison

The U.S. puts more people behind bars than any other country in the world. But it doesn’t do enough to help them when they’re released. How to Justice works with experts and justice-impacted people like you to get you the resources you need after release.

Whether you’re going to prison, have a loved one in prison or are getting released from prison, you probably have questions. Sometimes those questions are for experts. Other times they’re for people who have been there before. How to Justice teams up with people who have been in your shoes, too.


How to Justice seeks to raise up justice-impacted people — both during their time in the justice system and after. Our team reflects those same values.


How to Justice is a non-profit group. Its goal? Provide easy-to-read answers to your questions about your rights in prison. Whether you’re going to prison or have a loved one there, How to Justice gets you the answers you need.

Have a question? Let us know! We’ll work with experts to answer it right away.