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sheds light on the weakness of the American justice system while providing information to justice impacted people.

What It Means to be Justice-Impacted: Armor, Labels and Education

The term justice-impacted can be applied to any individual that has been directly or indirectly affected by the justice system. Every individual feels the effects and struggles with the labels placed not only by society but the labels they place on themselves.

Does the Government Ever Investigate Prison Living Conditions?

The government has a few ways of dealing with prisons that don’t meet standards. How they handle it varies depending on the state and the agency. It also depends on how poor the conditions are.

Can You Win An Appeal For Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel?

The most common argument on appeal in criminal cases focuses on ineffective assistance of counsel. But can you win with that argument?

Can an Incarcerated Person Sue a Corrections Officer?

Yes. As a person in prison, you still have certain rights. Those rights include the right to access to courts. They also include the right to be free from violence. So, if you’re currently incarcerated and a corrections officer harms you, you have the right to turn to the courts and sue them. And prisons […]

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Find information about reentry programs, legal services, job replacement organizations and more, or look up information about prisons, jails and other correctional facilities to help you locate and contact an incarcerated loved one or learn more about a specific facility.

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