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Holidays in Prison

29th November 2022 • with Kristine Bunch

Episode 10: Groundbreaking Wrongful Conviction Training for Cops

4th November 2022 • with Mike Schlosser & Gwen Jordan

Episode 9: Jeffrey Deskovic’s Fight for Justice

21st October 2022 • with Jeffrey Deskovic

Episode 8: White Collar Crime and Support Groups

7th October 2022 • with Richard McDonald and Fred Aaron

Episode 7: Conviction Integrity Unit

23rd September 2022 • with Kelly Bauder & Jessica Cicchini

Episode 6: Exoneration Nation – Obie’s Journey

9th September 2022 • with Obie Anthony

Episode 5: What Are We Doing To Children?

26th August 2022 • with Justin Bodnar and Donna Waters

Episode 4: The 411 on the First Step Act

12th August 2022 • with Peter J. Tomasek

Episode 3: The Butterfly Effect

15th July 2022 • with Martin Tankleff

Episode 2: Off the Record

15th July 2022 • with Erica Nichols Cook

Episode 1: Behind the Scenes

15th July 2022 • with Bridgett Hurley and Danie Watson-Goetz

Coming Soon: Justice Impacted with Kristine Bunch

Trailer • 7th July 2022 • Justice Impacted with Kristine Bunch

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