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How to Justice is a non-profit group. Its goal? Provide easy-to-read answers to your questions about your rights in prison. Whether you’re going to prison or have a loved one there, How to Justice gets you the answers you need.

Who We Are

The non-profit Interrogating Justice was founded in 2020. Interrogating Justice has one goal: shed light on the ways that the U.S. justice system falls short. But the creation of Interrogating Justice revealed another problem. It’s too hard to find what you need to know about prison when you need to know it. How to Justice hopes to help solve that problem.


Nervous about your right to privacy? Scared that you’ll be in danger? Worried about prison gangs and violence? Wondering whether you can get an early release? Curious what programs and jobs you’re eligible for? Answers to these questions are hard to find. And, even if you find them, they might not be correct. Finding good answers to these hard questions is a perfect example of the “needle in a haystack” cliché.


That’s where How to Justice comes in. Our team works together to get you the correct answers you need.


How to Justice also partners with folks who have been where you are now. You’re wondering how to sue a prison guard that assaults you. We can provide an answer to that question. But that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.


That’s why How to Justice teams up with current and former prisoners and their loved ones. These individuals have been where you are now. You know how to file a lawsuit against a prison guard, but should you? How will that impact your time in prison? Is it worth it? Only people who have been in your shoes know the answers to those questions. And How to Justice wants to get those answers to you.

Our Team

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Danie Watson-Goetz

Chief Operating Officer

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Outreach Coordinator & Board of Directors Member

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Chief Executive Officer


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Kristine Bunch

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Grant Writer

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Staff Writer and News Liaison

What We Do

How to Justice tackles the questions you have about prison. Our team of writers, attorneys and advocates work together to get you the answers you need.


Are you going to prison? Click our I am going to prison tab. Do you have a loved one in prison? Click our I have a loved one in prison tab.


How to Justice’s goal is to get you answers to the questions you have. And, better yet, we do it without pop-up ads, chat boxes and paywalls.


You’re going through one of the hardest parts of your life. Let How to Justice help you along the way.

How to Justice prides itself on being one of the only nonprofits to answer phone calls. But, before you call, please understand that we can’t offer legal advice. We also can’t represent you or a family member in court. Additionally, because we can’t offer legal advice or represent you, we also can’t guarantee confidentiality like you’d expect in an attorney-client relationship. Nevertheless, we will do our best to help you find the resources in our directory that can help.

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How to Justice seeks to raise up justice-impacted people — both during their time in the justice system and after. Our team reflects those same values.
How to Justice gets you the answers you need.
Whether you’re going to prison or have a loved one there.

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