Baltimore City, MD Public Defender’s Youthful Defendant Unit

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Baltimore City, MD Public Defender’s Youthful Defendant Unit

The Baltimore City Public Defender's Youthful Defendant Unit has one Chief and other legal staff. This office represents children charged as adults. The Office of Public the Defender (OPD) has five specialized divisions that directly support public defenders with their cases and clients. These divisions are specialized in Forensics, Forensic Mental Health, Immigration, Innocence Project, Juvenile Protection, and Social Work. The Forensics Division provides training and technical and litigation support to OPD attorneys. The Forensic Mental Health Division provides OPD and panel attorneys access to the highest caliber expert consultative services, resources, training, and technical litigation support necessary for the superior representation of clients with complex mental health issues. The Immigration Division provides public defenders with training on relevant immigration law and consultation on noncitizen clients' cases and leads the Criminal/Immigration Law. The Juvenile Protection Division (JPD) serves as a specialized statewide division to monitor the conditions of confinement of all OPD juvenile clients committed to the care and custody of the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). Finally, social workers meet with clients, family members, and other support networks to unearth, scrutinize and evaluate client information. Please contact them directly for more information on the Public Defender's Youthful Defendant Unit services.

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219 E. Redwood Street, Suite 900 Baltimore, Maryland 21202

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