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Center for Self-Sufficiency

The Center for Self-Sufficiency, Inc. (CFSS) is a Milwaukee-based nonprofit organization. CFSS offers programs to strengthen families in the areas of teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationship education, youth character development, mentoring, fatherhood, workforce development and reentry services. Their Fatherhood FIRE – Family-focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential program teaches new ways to engage with their children and communicate better with their co-parent or partner. Fatherhood FIRE is open to anyone from the community, including those who are recently released from incarceration and registered citizens. Additionally, they partner with Employ Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and provide cognitive skills-based education to individuals released from Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility or Racine Correctional Institution to the Milwaukee area. Finally, their Unlocking Networks-Osh Kosh program is a comprehensive adult reentry program offered to 150 high-risk men ages 18 and older, released from Oshkosh Correctional Institution into Milwaukee, WI. This program integrates core strategies of Cognitive Based Healthy Relationship Education, Behavioral Work Readiness Development, Parenting, Mentoring & Holistic Case Management. To know more about their program and services, please contact them directly.

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728 N James Lovell St Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

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