Children’s Law Center of Masachusetts Juvenile Justice

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Children’s Law Center of Masachusetts Juvenile Justice

Children's Law Center of Massachusetts is committed to providing legal support services to low-income young people throughout Massachusetts. Their mission is to protect youth clients and at risk adults through a combination of legal support services, direct representation, holistic conflict resolution and policy advocacy. The center offers mediation, parental development planning and parent education resources free of charge to assist young people and families in need of reunification support. Their Special Education programs are centered on ensuring that all youth receive the accommodations and support required by law, and to represent individuals whose consequences do not match their actions or ignore their emotional needs. Additionally, the Children's Law Center of Massachusetts offers juvenile justice services and family law counsel for individuals facing more significant legal issues. For more information about specific services, or to request representation, individuals are encouraged to contact the organization directly using the information provided on this page.

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2 State Street Lynn, Massachusetts 01903

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