College of Southern Idaho Career Services

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College of Southern Idaho Career Services

College of Southern Idaho Career Services is a subdivision of the college that centers vocational and educational programming for justice involved individuals. Their primary goal is to assist individuals who face barriers to sustainable, permanent employment due to criminal convictions. Most programs within the Career Services division are available to justice involved individuals and lead to careers that individuals with criminal convictions can obtain with most types of convictions. For clarity, the division has organized the programs on its website to show which require background checks and which do not, though they emphasize that felony convictions will not necessarily prevent participation in most programs. Unlike many vocational training organizations, programs at the College of Southern Idaho prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers beyond trade work, such as graphic design, agriculture and the humanities. For more information about specific programs or individual requirements, contact the Career Services division directly.

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315 Falls Ave, PO Box 1238 Twin Falls, Idaho 83303

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