Community Partnership for Transition Solutions

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Community Partnership for Transition Solutions

Community Partnership for Transition Solutions, or CPTS, is a nonprofit organization that offers holistic reentry services to individuals involved in the justice system. CPTS is comprised of agencies and individuals working together to support successful transitions for people returning to our communities after incarceration. CPTS groups are present in King, Kitsap, Lewis, North Central, Pierce, Skagit-Island, Snohomish, Spokane, Thurston and Whatcom counties of Washington. Each county organizes monthly meetings with federal, tribal, state, county, city, faith, community-based organizations, agencies, families, advocates, individuals and nonprofits. In addition, the CPTS helps justice-impacted people through purpose-driven community partnerships that provide holistic, comprehensive services supporting these individuals as they build self-sufficient and productive lives. CPTS organizes several events, such as Community Transitions Solutions (CTS), Spring Into Summer, and the Summer Institute (SI). The Summer Institute is an opportunity for formerly incarcerated individuals and resource/service providers to unite, share, and create partnerships to improve the reentry process for returning citizens. For more information or to attend a meeting, please contact the respective county office directly by accessing the information provided on Community Partnership for Transition Solution's website.

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7058 32nd Ave S. Seattle, Washington 98118

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