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Crozier Law LLC

Crozier Law, LLC provides reduced cost legal services to individuals who make just a bit too much to qualify for legal aid services through the Public Defender's office. Missouri Attorney's charge $285 dollars per hour on average, which is often outside of reach for individuals and families that make "too much money" for free legal services. This means that there is a big portion of low income and middle income families that cannot afford legal representation at all. While Crozier Law, LLC cannot afford to provide free services, they do offer sliding scale legal services appropriate to their clients income and family size. This could be as low as one fifth the average hourly rate, or working with people on payment plans, which ultimately provides access to professional legal help at a fraction of the cost that people would normally have to pay. Contact Crozier Law, LLC directly for more information on their services.

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800 E 101st Ter , Ste 350 Kansas City, Missouri 64131

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