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FareStart is a nonprofit organization that works to transforms lives, disrupt poverty and nourish communities through food, life skills and job training. FareStart is on a mission to turn homelessness, hunger and poverty into human potential by investing in people, providing free meals and building community. FareStart works with individuals and families that are dealing with poverty, addiction, homelessness or a criminal record. In an effort to assist struggling people to overcome barriers, FareStart teaches the vitally important work and fundemental skills needed to succeed in employment and in life. Their programs are free of charge and include a variety of wraparound support, including housing, food, transportation, mental health counseling and more. The Job Readiness Pathway, in partnership with Y Social Impact Center, is built around supporting the needs of young people to meet them where they are while providing resources on their pathway towards a job and stability. Contact FareStart directly for more information on their programs and services.

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700 Virginia St. Seattle, Washington 98101

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