Fathers, Families In Transition, Inc.

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Fathers, Families In Transition, Inc.

Fathers, Families in Transition is a community based organization committed to assisting reunification efforts of fathers and families. Their mission is to offer mentorship coaching, spiritual guidance, coaching, parenting and fathering classes, as well as referrals to local social service organization efforts focused on reintegration. Staff serve custodial and non-custodial fathers, as well as young people, women and loved ones involved in the family reunification process. Fathering and Parenting Sessions focus on effective methods and essential skills for new parents and those with limited experience as parents. Anger Management Assessments and Sessions help to meet court-ordered requirements related to conflict management training and assist individuals with appropriate responses to stressful situations. Lifestyle Coaching and Career Job Readiness Training services focus on offering targeted support to ensure that individuals are best prepared for permanent reentry into the community. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact Fathers, Families in Transition directly.

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120 W. Madison St.- Ste. 200-2 Chicago, Illinois 60602

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