Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Programs

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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Programs

Franklin County Sheriff's Office Inmate Programs are developed to support individuals in the Franklin County Jail during incarceration. The belief of the Franklin County Jail and House of Correction is that evidence based programming and treatment is vital to lower inmate recidivism and facilitate public safety. Programming is driven by individualized assessments and a specialized treatment plan that highlights the identified risks and needs for each individual. The mission of the Treatment and Programs Division is to help ensure the successful reintegration of individuals into the community after their release. To reach this goal, work toward reentry begins on each individual's first day in the Franklin County Jail. Corrections staff hope that this early and targeted intervention will provide each individual with the best possible chance at disrupting the cycle of incarceration. For more information about specific programs or support systems in the Franklin County Jail, contact them directly using the information on this page.

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160 Elm Street Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301

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