The Fringe Coffee House

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The Fringe Coffee House

The Fringe Coffee House exists to empower formerly incarcerated individuals and those on the fringes of society to live healthy, productive lives. Located in historic Hamilton, Ohio, the mission of Fringe Coffee House is to build meaningful relationships with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Prior to release, FCH goes inside the walls of Lebanon and Dayton Correctional every Tuesday. During this time, Fringe Coffee House works with individuals through an eight week prison music therapy program dedicated towards getting to the root cause of incarceration and destructive behavior. Post release, they focus on building community, mentoring, providing gainful employment, and a holistic reintegration support plan all under one roof. Other available services provided are G.E.D. tutoring, financial literacy classes, music and art therapy, parenting classes, free tattoo removal, recovery addiction meetings, counseling, mentorship, job training and employment, and college and career prep. Contact Fringe Coffee House directly for more information on their services.

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918 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio 45011

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