Genesis Lighthouse In Milwaukee, Inc.

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Genesis Lighthouse In Milwaukee, Inc.

Genesis Lighthouse In Milwaukee is a faith-based organization that focuses on discipline inside prison and helps incarcerated people after reentry into society. Their mission is to provide returning citizens with the know-how, resources, and bare necessities. Mentors break the cycle of many who remain imprisoned by wrong thinking patterns leading to reoffending and help these mentees overcome the many obstacles preventing successful reclamation in society. The services offered by Genesis Lighthouse are housing, jobs, relationships restoration (parents, children, and authorities), financial literacy/management (bill pay, savings, and smart monthly spending), discipleship (a new mentality, transformation) and transportation (driver’s license prep/redistribution) services. They supply mentees with everything from clothes to employment and housing to living in the community. They put into practice biblical conflict resolution skills leading them to healthy relationships for a lifetime. In prison, they offer training on Biblical Manhood and Fatherhood. For further information on services provided by the Genesis Lighthouse In Milwaukee, please contact them directly.

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1312 N 13th St Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205

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