Grace House of New Orleans, Inc.

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Grace House of New Orleans, Inc.

Grace House of New Orleans is a six-month residential treatment facility for adult women. They aim to provide a flexible-term, residential, community-based treatment program consisting of group and individual therapy for alcohol and drug abusers. The Grace House program is divided into two phases. For the first three months, clients  are in the Intensive Therapeutic Phase and attend the following: 12-step program, art therapy, wellness classes, drug education, parenting classes and moral recognition therapy. During the last three months of treatment, clients will enter the re-entry phase where they will be required to work full-time, and attend schooling or vocational training. Clients are provided with educational guidance, employment assistance, independent living skills, and housing assistance during this time. Contact Grace House of New Orleans for more information on intake and services.

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1401 Delachaise St., New Orleans, Louisiana, 70115

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