Great Falls Pre-Release Services Inc.

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Great Falls Pre-Release Services Inc.

The Transition Center functions as a pre-release program for incarcerated individuals within 24 months of permanent release. Staff utilize a five-phase program that begins at the orientation level. Each phase of the program includes a minimum time frame for participation and tiered levels of responsibility. Each resident assumes their own case goals as they move forward in the program. It allows residents who are participating in the program to reenter the community while developing important life skills to achieve a long term, crime-free lifestyle. The Transition Center permits residents a window of time to secure employment and/or begin training, establish budgeting and financial planning skills, start a savings plan, locate housing and take part in counseling relevant to targeted areas to aid in their transition into the community. For more information about specific services or programs, individuals are encouraged to contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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1019 15th St N Great Falls, Montana 59401

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