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Greater Boston Legal Services

Greater Boston Legal Services is a social service organization assisting those with pending or ongoing litigation needs. Each year, Greater Boston Legal Services assists more than 10,000 indigent families and individuals with their civil (non-criminal) legal issues. They represent their clients in court, during appeals, in hearings in front of administrative law judges, and with advice and paperwork, both directly and through strategic partnerships with community organizations. Greater Boston Legal Services has a special focus on "impact litigation" and their attorneys have often submitted appellate briefs and appeared before the state's highest court. GBLS staff offer trainings across Massachusetts and at national conferences to indigent families, social services agencies, and legal aid organizations. Beyond direct client services, GBLS participates in legislative and systemic justice reform advocacy in an effort to empower all residents of the Commonwealth. For more information about specific services or support networks, contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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197 Friend Street Boston, Massachusetts 02114

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