Guiding Right, Inc.

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Guiding Right, Inc.

Guiding Right is an organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas. Their mission is to end disparities in social, economic and health services for underserved communities in Oklahoma's largest cities. Guiding Right's vision is to promote self-sufficient living and assist individuals as they navigate care systems, social interactions and financial independence. HIV services include wraparound services that work to prevent the spread of HIV and support those living with the illness. MPower is a program developed to combat the use of tobacco products by individuals in Oklahoma. PrEP Access offers support for those working to get health insurance and protect their sexual health. The WIC program assists individuals who qualify for government assistance due to extreme poverty. Individuals can contact the organization directly for information or to discuss eligible services.

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1420 NE 23rd Street, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, 73111

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