His Father’s Heart Ministries

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His Father’s Heart Ministries

His Father's Heart Ministries (HFHM) is a faith-based ministry that helps both the brokenhearted and returning citizens break their cycles of destructive behavior. HFHM seeks to heal the brokenhearted in our community, break the cycles of destructive behaviors, and restore families through the healing and purifying power of the cross and Jesus Christ. The Ministry welcomes, and embraces returning citizens and their families, providing traditional re-entry services through their programs. Substance abuse and anger management classes are available utilizing "The Journey into His Father’s Heart principles", a curriculum approved for use in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) System and the prisons and parole division. They have certified counselors, ministers, and former prison staff who offer support assistance for as long as services are needed.

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Redemptive Justice Center, 2103 North Main Street, Houston, Texas 77009

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