Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry (HIRE)

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Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry (HIRE)

The Hoosier Initiative for Re-Entry (HIRE) is a program run by the Indiana Department of Correction to support reintegration. More than 20,000 individuals exit the Indiana corrections system every year, and nearly all of them are eager to rejoin the community as productive members. Unfortunately, criminal convictions may impose barriers to gainful employment and make it difficult for individuals to successfully reintegrate. The Department of Workforce Development hoped to address those barriers when it developed HIRE in 2012. Clients receive sustained support and assistance related to job development and placement so that they are able to reenter the workforce after release. Though the program has moved to the Indiana Department of Correction, their mission remains the same: reduce incarceration rates and break the cycle of recidivism by helping justice involved individuals lead productive, self-sufficient lives after incarceration. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information on this page.

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302 W Washington St Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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