Hudson County Office of the Public Defender, NJ

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Hudson County Office of the Public Defender, NJ

The Hudson County Office of the Public Defender is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. With one Deputy Public Defender and other supporting staff, the office helps every defendant charged with an indictable (felony) offense in New Jersey and is entitled to be represented by an attorney, whether or not they can afford one. Your Public Defender is obligated to act on your behalf and represent you in the matter that you face in court. They will do so with reasonable diligence and promptness. In any matter in which the state may try to take action against you, you have an important constitutional right to remain silent. Use that right. As soon as charges are brought against you, you should not speak to anyone other than your Public Defender lawyer or someone working with them on your behalf, such as a Public Defender investigator. You should direct any questions or concerns about your case to your Public Defender. In addition, if you are in jail, questions about bail should also be discussed directly with your Public Defender. The Public Defender will not reveal information about your case to anyone else without your consent. The office has a reputation for excellence and, as a state-wide agency, has been a leader in criminal justice reform, particularly the elimination of monetary bail that is the hallmark of NJ's national model for risk-based pretrial release. You should contact the New Jersey Hudson County Office for further assistance.

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438 Summit Ave Jersey City, New Jersey 7306

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