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Impact Justice

Impact Justice is a national organization committed to criminal justice reform that protects the rights of incarcerated individuals. Their mission is to create innovative solutions to mass incarceration and the criminalization of people of color. Staff and volunteers understand the impact of generational poverty and incarceration among people of color, including the number of families disrupted by the criminal justice system. Impact Justice has a mission to implement a restorative system of justice as an alternative to the current prison industrial complex. Currently, the organization is conducting research on food available to incarcerated individuals and how changes to the average diet in prison can benefit incarcerated people. They are also compiling data to ensure accountability in police interactions with community members. Through The Homecoming Project, Impact Justice leverages available living spaces to assist formerly incarcerated individuals during their reentry into the community. For more information about their work, contact the organization directly.

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2930 Lakeshore Avenue, Suite 300 Oakland, California 94610

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