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Jesus Only Way Ministries

Jesus Only Way Ministries is a prison ministry with a mission to effect an everlasting change in the lives of incarcerated people and their families through Biblical counseling and the interactive study of Scripture. They are a full-time prison ministry traveling from prison to prison proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ to the incarcerated. They help bring the prisoners to face to face with Jesus by training them to interactively study God's Word. Jesus Only Way Ministries serve incarcerated people in Desoto Correctional Institution is in Arcadia, Florida, Hardee Correctional Institution is in Bowling Green, Florida and Okeechobee Correctional Institution in Okeechobee, Florida. Services include interactive Bible Study, pastoral care, public speaking, chaplaincy for prisoners and their families. They have an interactive approach towards providing faith-based services such as online bible study, interactive bible study sessions that includes observation, interpretation and application. Jesus Only Way Ministries' goal is to change lives by connecting people with Christ.

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11705 Boyette Road Ste, Riverview, Florida, 33569

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