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Just A Start

Just a Start is a community based organization committed to improving access to stable housing and financial security. The organization offers comprehensive services that include affordable housing communities, educational opportunities and vocational services. For more than fifty years, Just a Start has operated with the sole purpose of ensuring that individuals who are systemically denied opportunities have the services they need to lead self-sufficient, independent lives. Their residential intervention services include access to affordable housing communities, mediation and assistance with housing security, and a housing improvement program for individuals who need to winterize their homes. Youth programs and financial literacy programs help to prepare community members at all stages to become contributing members of society. These interventions are designed to prevent recidivism and reincarceration wherever possible. For more information about specific services or to request support, individuals should contact Just a Start directly using the information provided on this page.

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1035 Cambridge St, Ste 12 Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

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