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Justice Debate League

Justice Debate League has brought debate behind bars as a powerful move toward justice and equality. They developed new teams in prisons and resources for incarcerated debaters and navigated a variety of correctional systems. Their vision is to make debate accessible to anyone who wants to participate. They respect privacy therefore, they do not require the debaters to share any part of their life story. They seek to prepare their students not only to succeed competitively now but also to be able to advocate for themselves in the future. They also seek to connect them to opportunities for higher education and to equip them for a future where they can realize their full potential. They aim to stop the school-to-prison pipeline. For that, they work with students individually to connect them to colleges and college debate teams whenever possible. They also aim to build relationships between prisons and institutions of higher education. They provide resources such as pre-entry training, connection with a prison, helps in establishing a relationship with the prison employee who will oversee the team, support and advice as the team is developing, provision of a variety of instructional and research-oriented resources, assistance with achieving membership status in their chosen organization (i.e. NSDA), support in working with the prison to facilitate the team’s participation in the broader debate community and facilitation of the team’s participation in their surrounding debate community, specifically within a team’s given state.

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1510 Cadet Court, Wheaton, Illinois 60189

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