Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.

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Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.

The Kairos program is a prison ministry. Their mission is to develop a Christian community inside prisons. The program's weekend consists of carefully structured talks, meditations, and individual and group activities led by same-gender volunteers inside prison. Through talks, discussions and Chapel meditations they bring the light, love and friendship of Jesus Christ into the lives of incarcerated people and their families. They learn they are forgiven, and they learn they are loved. It is truly a life-changing, and often life-saving experience. They also influence to decrease prison violence, reduce recidivism and promote a positive atmosphere inside prison. The participation of incarcerated people in Kairos continuing ministry sessions has reduced recidivism. The local communities become safer, as parolees and former prisoners make positive life choices from the foundation of ongoing Christian "Prayer and Share" weekly meetings. The Kairos Outside program exhibits God's grace and love through Christian support for women who have been impacted by incarceration. Kairos Torch volunteers mentor youth in prison, so they can begin to make better life choices. After the Kairos Torch Weekend, a six-month one-to-one mentoring program begins. The mentor provides a positive adult role model for the youthful crime doers, while the sessions focus on issues of self-esteem, anger management, short- and long-term goal setting, and forgiveness. The continuing Torch ministry also includes monthly reunions.

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100 Debary Plantation Boulevard, Debary, Florida 32713

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