Last Prisoner Project

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Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is an organization dedicated to undoing the harm caused by legislation around the criminalization of marijuana. Their mission is to employ a three-tiered effort to ensure complete freedom for those impacted by marijuana laws. Through direct advocacy, targeted intervention and active campaigning the organization hopes to disrupt the stigma around marijuana and assist those with criminal convictions related to marijuana use and possession. They are a nonprofit organization responding directly to the legalization and commodification of marijuana, working to center those experiencing the long-term consequences of these convictions rather than the potential rather than state opportunities for income through marijuana sales. Last Prisoner Project pursues the release of all individuals who are incarcerated for crimes that have sense been removed or revised, as well as the expunging of records related to laws that are no longer active. They also offer reentry services to support those who are released as a result of legalizing marijuana across the country, and their family services assist loved ones with reunification efforts after incarceration.

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1312 17th Street Suite 640, Denver, Colorado, 80202

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