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Life Learning Center

Life Learning Center is a community based organization dedicated to increasing access to the work force for all individuals. Their mission is to deliver a comprehensive and continuous curriculum that assists those most at risk of reincarceration with locating sustainable, permanent employment. Staff at Life Learning Center understand that one of the most important factors in breaking the cycle of recidivism is financial security. Their curriculum spans 12-weeks and includes two central components, a care continuum and an education continuum. The care continuum connects select individuals with counseling, transportation assistance, legal aid, childcare assistance and more. The education continuum first centers personal and emotional health, then moves into financial planning and job skills development, culminating in assistance with locating potential job opportunities and submitting applications. For more information about Life Learning Center services or to request support, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information provided on this page.

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20 West 18th Street Covington, Kentucky 41011

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