Lund’s Kids-A-Part Program

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Lund’s Kids-A-Part Program

The Kids-A-Part program aims to minimize trauma experienced by a child with a parent in prison. The program is offered by Lund—a social service organization in Vermont that helps children thrive by empowering families to break poverty, addiction and abuse cycles. Lund offers hope and opportunity to families through education, treatment, family support and adoption. To reduce the trauma, the Kids-A-Part program supports children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers as they deal with the impact of parental incarceration. Program services include enhanced case management services, phone and video visits for children and caregivers, individualized support for pregnant and parenting women, group and individual mother and child visits in a child-centered space, and activity groups. Kids-A-Part collaborates with school social workers, DCF-FSD, therapists, Department of Corrections personnel, and other service providers to support children and families. Contact the Kids-A-Part Program coordinator directly for answers to any questions and more information on their programs.

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50 Joy Drive South Burlington, Vermont 05403

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