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Mercy Connections

Mercy Connections helps people rediscover a sense of purpose and belonging in a supportive community.  By welcoming everyone with kindness and without judgement, they are able to positively influence individuals who are working to transition back into society. Mercy Connections offers multiple programs that are geared towards gaining greater self-sufficiency. Mercy Connections Education & Transition Programs offers classes and activities focused on helping marginalized people gain confidence, skills and tools to identify and achieve their goals of growth, independence, and moving forward in life. Classes include ESL, American citizenship preparation, peer support groups, self development and more. Mercy Connections also offers a Women's Small Business Program workshop for women needing entrepreneurial education and coaching. The Justice and Mentoring Programs provide unique approaches and support to women who are in transition from addiction, incarceration, or mental health crisis. They work with their 20+ local connections to provide the necessary resources for reintegration. The women's mentoring program runs for 5+ weeks to support women making the transition from Vermont’s correctional facilities. Mentors are carefully matched up with participants to ensure the experience is as life-changing and rewarding as possible. To learn more about Mercy Connection's programs, reach out to them via email or telephone.

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255 South Champlain Street #8 Burlington, VT 05401

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