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Money On Books

Money On Books is a California-based organization, with a mission to contest mass incarceration and recidivism, by recruiting and redirecting those who could become victims of it, while providing support for prisoners' children and families. The objective of Money on Books is to provide a more suitable way for prisoners', family, and friends to combine resources to lessen the burden on families and friends; purchase books; order magazines, send pictures from the convenience of their smart phone, using Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc.; order Gift Baskets for holidays, Birthday, Christmas, Thank You, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Congratulations, Valentine’s Day, Back to School, Wedding, Baby Shower, Hanukkah, Easter, Get Well, Quinceanera; purchase and send Gift Cards for child support, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, etc.; access transportation to get to and from court, visiting, parole office, etc.; receive huge discounts from Money on Books' affiliates. In addition, Money on Books provides services which include Officer’s Recruitment services, Officer’s Mentoring services, Ex-offender’s Job services, and Group Homes services. 

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300 S. Highland Ave., Ste 6C-163 Banning, CA 92220

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