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MUDWTR is a wellness company that offers a line of organic, adaptogenic, and non-addictive coffee alternatives. Their flagship product, MUDWTR, is a blend of organic ingredients including cacao, masala chai, and medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga. This blend is designed to provide energy, focus, and immunity support without the jitters or crash associated with traditional coffee. MUDWTR is committed to sustainability and sources their ingredients from organic and fair-trade suppliers.
The company also offers a range of wellness products including a matcha-based blend and a range of accessories such as mugs and frothers. Their mission is to help people feel energized, focused, and productive. MUDWTR is also a second-chance employer. They prohibit discrimination of any kind and operate in compliance with applicable fair chance laws. Contact the recruitment team at MUDWTR to know more about their second-chance hiring policy and procedure.


Vanice, California 90291

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