Mural Arts Restorative Justice

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Mural Arts Restorative Justice

Mural Arts Philadelphia is a community action organization committed to the belief that public art inspires community change and equity. Their vision is to amplify the voices of all community members by promoting participation in public displays of creative expression. The Mural Arts Restorative Justice Program centers the ideology of restorative justice through art education, mural design and development, and community outreach work within the criminal justice system. Incarcerated individuals, as well as those on probation or parole and justice-impacted youth are afforded the chance to develop new skills and participate in positive contributions to the community to restore any prior harm they may have caused. Participants receive instruction and support as they work to create public art that communicates their commitment to bettering the community, providing justice-impacted individuals with a medium that fully represents their dedication to restoration. The Restorative Justice program hopes to reinforce the values of restorative justice and creating a criminal justice system with more equitable prosecution policies.

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1727-29 Mt. Vernon Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130

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