National Capital Crime Assistance Network

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National Capital Crime Assistance Network

The NCCAN helps exonerate innocent people who are serving time for crimes they didn't commit. The NCCAN assists with correspondence between prisoners and family members and troubleshooting with prisoners and family members—which includes assistance in securing a lawyer, securing an investigator, and working within the community support network. They also consistently update NCCAN associated death row/capital charges/life without parole cases. The NCCAN also networks with community resources near the prison where a client's family is being held. They also train community and family members with the Capital Defense Handbook. NCCAN has another organization- CURE or Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants is a unique organization. CURE has obtained consultative status with the United Nations, enabling it to participate in a wide range of discussions on issues affecting civil society. CURE is multi-layered with International, National, State/Issue, and local chapters covered by CURE's Constitution and bylaws. It does not hire professional leaders. Instead, its leaders come from the ranks of people formerly imprisoned and family members or friends of prisoners. These are people who are passionate about seeking improvements in the criminal justice system. CURE's members are also largely prisoners, ex-prisoners, and family members and friends of prisoners.

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Mancos, Colorado

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