New Hampshire Public Defender’s Dover Office

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New Hampshire Public Defender’s Dover Office

The New Hampshire Public Defender has a branch office located in Dover, NH. With one Managing Attorney, Public Defenders, Panel Attorneys and other legal staff, the Dover Office cost-effectively provides quality representation to indigent defendants accused of crimes in Strafford County (Eastern New Hampshire). The New Hampshire Public Defender represents indigent people charged in New Hampshire courts with crimes that carry the possibility of jail time upon conviction. These offenses include Class A misdemeanors, which have a maximum penalty of one year in jail, and felonies, which carry the possibility of a state prison sentence of more than one year upon conviction. In addition, the program represents people who have been charged with homicide, as well as those who are alleged to have violated their probation, parole, or a condition of a previously suspended sentence. However, this office cannot represent any person charged with a violation or a Class B misdemeanor, because people convicted of these offenses cannot be sentenced to jail. For information about who qualifies for representation by the Public Defender's Office and how and when you can apply, please visit their website.

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15 4th Street, Ste. 3 Dover, New Hampshire 3820

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