Northgate Gonzalez Markets

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Northgate Gonzalez Markets

Northgate Gonzalez Markets is a grocery store chain that operates in Southern California, primarily in the greater Los Angeles area. Founded in 1980 by Don Miguel Gonzalez and his family, the company is known for its high-quality produce, fresh meats, and affordable prices. Northgate Gonzalez Markets offers various products that cater to the diverse communities it serves, including Hispanic, Asian, and African American populations. In addition to its focus on food, the company is committed to supporting the local community through various initiatives such as charitable donations, education programs, and partnerships with local organizations.
With over 40 locations and more than 6,000 employees, Northgate Gonzalez Markets is a leading grocery store chain in Southern California. Northgate Gonzalez Markets is also a second-chance employer and considers qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records, consistent with legal requirements. Contact the organization directly to learn more about their hiring policy and process.


1201 N Magnolia Ave Anaheim, California 92801

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