Old Savannah City Mission

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Old Savannah City Mission

Old Savannah City Mission is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the greater Savannah community. Their mission is to ensure that all community members have access to basic necessities like food, shelter and medical care. Their emergency services target the most immediate and pressing needs for individuals and families living without a home, including overnight shelter, access to a food pantry and basic necessities for hygiene. Additionally, Old Savannah City Mission distributes food boxes in the community to help fight hunger. To assist individuals on a path toward permanent housing and independent living, the organization offers both life and career development services. These services provide support as individuals work to develop healthier habits and mindsets, as well as prepare to reenter the workforce. Individuals in need of medical assistance may be eligible for limited care through the organization. For more information, contact the organization directly.

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2414 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia 31416

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