PACE (Public Advocates In Community Re-Entry)

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PACE (Public Advocates In Community Re-Entry)

PACE focuses on reducing recidivism by providing financial, income supports, employment, mental health and recovery services to individuals and families impacted by a felony conviction. They serve people no matter their residence. Their vision is to ensure people returning to the community from incarceration have the tools and resources to successfully reenter, to promote public safety through effective reentry, and to enhance community stabilization through reduced crime and increased productiveness. They assist people in all situations, including people on parole, probation, work release, or home detention. To be engaged in their services you can register to attend their orientation session that is in-person every other week. You will be coached, or attend their in-person four-day Advancing Your Career workshop. This workshop teaches individuals about current job market trends, how to identify their personal skill set, how to create a resume and cover letter, how to talk about felony convictions with employers, and practice mock interviewing. Then, clients are assigned a case manager to be fully engaged in their services. You DO NOT need a referral to register for thr Orientation. We hope to talk to you soon!

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2855 N Keystone Ave Ste 170, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46218

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