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PB&J Family Services, Inc.

PB&J teach advocacy, talent, and relationship building to children and their parents, including parenting education in the homes. They support communities and families in prisons and jails, elementary, middle and high schools, the pueblos and far reaches of Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties – an effort with countless barriers. PB&J’s philosophy focuses efforts on the family as a unit, as well as on individual family members. PB&J’s Therapeutic Parenting Program and Child Development Center help children grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community and facilitating healthy relationships through positive parenting skills, bonding and attachment, and age-appropriate expectations of child development and behavior. Families attend either a 16 or 28-week closed group curriculum, which includes a weekly 2.5-hour session that is facilitated by a clinician and developmental specialist. Families also receive Developmental assessments/evaluations, developmental instructions (in the home and community), counseling services (FTCT), art therapy, individual and/or group counseling, psychoeducational parent groups, social work services, nursing and nutritional support, service coordination/case management services, speech, occupational and physical therapy; field trips and community outings for psychosocial exposure and opportunities;  transportation; and meals. New Mexico PRE-K Extended Day Program provides 4-year-old children access to developmentally appropriate activities with a focus on school readiness. The Family Infant Toddler Program (FIT) provides supports and services to children who are at risk of developmental delays and their families. PB&J provides a therapeutic environment for children and families to engage in developmentally appropriate, interactive activities while they are waiting to have a visit at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). The children are provided with snacks and the families are screened for any case management needs with referrals given for appropriate services. The staff is trained to coach and model age-appropriate play and adult/child interactions with attention to issues resulting from parental incarceration. The Juvenile Community Corrections program is a unique approach to working with incarcerated teen parents and their families. The program provides services that are gender-responsive, culturally competent and based on the client’s individualized needs. The program emphasizes intensive individual parenting skills, parenting groups, therapeutic supervised family visits and intensive home visiting upon release.


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1101 Lopez Road Southwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105

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