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Prison Mindfulness Institute

The Prison Mindfulness Institute is a community based organization committed to assisting individuals with behavioral rehabilitation. Their mission is to offer incarcerated individuals, corrections staff, and volunteers with the most effective, research-based tools for rehabilitation, self-development, and personal & professional growth. In particular, they offer and encourage the use of proven effective mindfulness-based interventions (MBI’s). Their two-pronged focus is on transforming individual lives as well as reforming the corrections system as a whole in order to reduce the extremely destructive impact on families, communities and the overall social capital of American society. Prison Mindfulness Institute provides several programs for currently incarcerated individuals that are centered on preparing them mentally, spiritually and physically for their return to society. This includes meditative practice, an emphasis on literacy skills and reintegration planning. For more information about specific services or to request programming in a specific institution, contact Prison Mindfulness Institute directly using the information on this page.

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PO Box 206 South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373

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