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Prison Visitation Fund

Prison Visitation Fund's mission is to improve the wellbeing of society by maintaining the family ties between incarcerated people and their loved ones. They intend to minimize the burden of incarceration by helping loved ones to visit incarcerated people in prison. They take into consideration some factors before such as how long the person has been incarcerated, when they last saw their loved ones, how far away from home they are incarcerated, when they are scheduled to be released, and so on. Preference will be given for people who are far away, have never seen their families, and have significant time remaining on their sentence. Anyone with a family member or loved one currently incarcerated in a federal prison is eligible to apply. Once accepted, you will be contacted by someone from the Prison Visitation Fund. They will work with you to determine dates and times that accommodate both your schedule and the prison’s visitation policies. Once a travel plan is determined, the Prison Visitation Fund will provide you with prepaid vouchers to cover cab/Uber/Lyft fare, train fare, airfare, lodging, and other related expenses. These vouchers will be in your name and cannot be exchanged for cash or otherwise traded without immediately becoming void. You can also bring bringing siblings, children, etc. with you on your visit but you need to specify this on the application. They do not operate in state prisons

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155 E 55th St Apt 204, New York, New York, 10022

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