Public Allies, Inc.

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Public Allies, Inc.

Public Allies, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in the United States that focuses on developing the next generation of leaders who are committed to social justice and community service. The organization was founded in 1992 by Vanessa Kirsch, and since then has trained thousands of young adults to become effective leaders and change agents. Public Allies operates in 25 communities across the US and partners with local non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses to provide a 10-month apprenticeship program that combines hands-on experience, professional development, and community-building activities. The program supports and develops diverse leaders passionate about creating meaningful and lasting change in their communities.
Public Allies also provides ongoing support and leadership development opportunities for its alumni. Additionally, their AmeriCorps Ally program is available to all, including those with a criminal record. Public Allies is a second-chance employer and offers employment to justice-impacted people.


736 N. Water St., Suite 550 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

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