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Queens Defenders

The Corporate Office of the Queens Defenders is located in Forest Hills, NY. Queens Defenders represent people who have been charged with a crime in Queens and cannot afford to hire a lawyer. Queens Defenders lawyers are usually assigned to clients by the court following their arrests. They also provide services to people who visit one of our Outreach Centers. The Office has four Supervising Attorneys, five Homicide Attorneys, three Immigration Attorneys, and around 50 Staff Attorneys and other support staff. Once assigned to a criminal case, Queens Defenders’ attorneys conduct investigations, interview witnesses, and engage in settlement conferences with the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and the Court. And if the case is not resolved during pre-trial conferencing, they vigorously defend our clients at trial. In addition, the Queens Defenders work diligently to limit the impact of a criminal record on employment, housing, education, and public benefits. Apart from Criminal Defense, this office also has a Major Trials and Homicides Unit, Family Defense, Felony Youth Defense, Juvenile Defense and Treatment Courts Division. For any clarification on the services of Queens Defenders, reach out to them using the contact information provided here.

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118-21 Queens Blvd #212 Forest Hills, New York 11375

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