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Redeem Her

Redeem Her is a nonprofit organization serving incarcerated women in New Jersey as they transition back into the community. They provide transitional services to women exiting both correctional facilities and and rehabilitation centers to ensure that they have the strongest chance at reintegration into society. Their services include housing, financial assistance, mentorship and coaching designed to address the unique needs of women facing barriers to reentry. The sober living house serves women who have been sober for at least 30 days. All eligible participants interview with staff to determine if the residential environment will serve them well, after which residents accepted into the housing program pay a nominal fee for room and board. All residents must attend weekly meetings for chemical dependence recovery and actively seek full-time employment. Individuals can contact the program directly for more information or to set up an interview.

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PO Box 412, Littlerock Silver, New Jersey, 7739

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