Roca Inc.

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Roca Inc.

Roca is a community based organization that works to disrupt the cycle of violence in urban community through targeted outreach. Their mission is to act as a relentless force in breaking the cycles of incarceration, poverty, and racism by working with young adults, police, and systems at the root of urban violence in collaboration to address trauma, find hope, and drive change. Roca's intervention model consists of four key components: Create Safety and Stability; Teach Life-Saving Skills; Practice Skills, Relapse, and Repeat; Engage Institutions and Systems. Through this evidence based model, Roca has shown tremendous success disrupting recidivism rates and supporting young people on their path to recovery. Since the inception of the program, 98% of all youth participants have had no new incarcerations. Additionally, The Roca Impact Institute engages community stakeholders and policy leaders in intensive workshop models to share tangible methods for supporting at risk youth in the community.

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101 Park Street Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150

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