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Sea Change Yoga

Sea Change Yoga believes in the power of trauma informed yoga and meditation as a source of healing and recovery. Yogis work to invest participants in practices that assist with recovery, behavior management and mental health treatment. They offer services to residents in substance abuse treatment centers, transitional homes, and correctional facilities, among others. this helps put yogis in touch with the most vulnerable members of society, often at their lowest moments, and redirect them toward a path of optimism and healing. Sea Change Yoga is a nonprofit organization, offering more than 100 classes each month to individuals working to rehabilitate and recover from personal crisis. Practitioners and participants are more likely to develop emotional regulation skills, increased mindfulness and tolerance for fellow human beings. The organization hopes that this work will help to break the cycle of incarceration and reduce recidivism rates across the state. For more information, contact the organization directly.

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PO BOX 8135 Portland, Maine 04104

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