SisterHearts Decarceration Program

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SisterHearts Decarceration Program

SisterHearts Decarceration Program is a community based organization that provides formerly incarcerated individuals with a safe environment where they can achieve their goals. The program is centered around decarceration, rehumanizing those suffering from the trauma of incarceration by offering a space for healing. Program services include transportation, bank account support, assistance obtaining a driver's license, personal development, and other resources that assist returning citizens as they reintegrate into their communities. Counseling may be offered to those who may experience emotional difficulties during the transition process. In addition to reentry support services, they operate the SisterHearts Thrift Store, where formerly incarcerated individuals are provided an opportunity to develop a human-to-human connection through customer service. Employees are taught to take agency of themselves, and break down dependency habits built up during incarceration so they can be come self-sufficient members of society. Contact SisterHearts Decarceration Program directly for answers to any questions and more information on their programs and services.

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7519 West Judge Perez Drive Arabi, Louisiana 70032

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